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10 Common Intellectual Property Rights Mistakes

Ten Intellectual Property Misinterpretations

UMW Business Reference Guide

Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Fuel 21st Century Success

When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” you likely think of Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, or Elon Musk. It’s easy to think of entrepreneurship in the context of people who have built global empires and are worth billions of dollars and, while they provide admirable models of success, they would be far on one end of […]

The Yin and Yang of Entrepreneurship

Sometimes an accident and a shortcut can add up to a hit product. In 1952, Don Stookey, a chemist at the Corning Incorporated, was experimenting with a new glass formula.  To test it, he put a sample in an annealing oven.  However, the oven’s controls failed and the temperature soared to 900°C.  Thinking he had […]

Nothing is more important’ than baby boomers for financial markets over the next decade.

Strategist David Rosenberg named demographics the single most important factor for financial analysts and investors to monitor over the next decade. “If it’s all about ‘follow the money,’” wrote Gluskin Sheff’s Rosenberg, “then it is ‘follow the boomers.’” “Nothing is more important than this if you are looking at what will fundamentally influence the financial […]

Capital One Takes Big Step in Richmond’s Startup Ecosystem

“Through their Future Edge Initiative, bank and financial services giant Capital One has made a huge investment in the Richmond startup community. The Future Edge Initiative earmarked $150 million dollars in 2015 to use as grant money to empower more Americans to succeed in an ever-changing digitally-driven economy. Capital One announced this past Thursday that they have […]

Washington County tentatively approves funding for Highlands Community Services

“The campus offers family and educational services to county residents of all ages. The new facility is also home to the Interchange program, which provides a safe and healthy place for school-age students with behavioral problems. Lowe talked to supervisors about the contributions the small business incubator makes to the county’s economy. She said the […]

Hampton Roads announces inaugural National Small Business Development Center Day March 22

“From the founders of our country to today’s Fortune 500 CEOs, our country was built by small business owners. While today’s small business owners may face trials and challenges in running their business, they do not have to go it alone. Unlike our founders, today’s small business owners, both existing and prospective, have a support […]

Are You Delivering Services or Are You Providing Value?

“Innovation—the creation of new ideas, products, and services—has become increasingly important as a source of energy and funding in the social sector. Traditional nonprofit business models are being questioned, the rate of global change seems faster than organizations’ ability to keep pace, and there is a growing sense that the old ways of solving problems […]

New study reveals how universities affect business innovation

“A recent study by a Baylor professor and a University of Bath professor looks deeper into the definition of a university. “As universities get into more things like business creation, does that detract from the main mission?” said Dr. Peter Klein, professor of entrepreneurship and co-author of the study. “The study forces us to step […]

Advancing Business Innovation in Virginia